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For account purchase or enquiry,
kindly contact us via discord:


Contact Us

or message us at gaming market place We are the premium active seller at there. Kindly click the link below to reach us.


Delivery time

The Account information will be sent to your order/payment email or discord within 24 Hours after confirming your order. Please make sure your email is able to receive emails or discord able to receive message. In the event we are unable to process your order, we are fully obliged to completely refund your order. If you don't receive your order within 24 hours, please contact customer support.

Can we transfer Resource from Accounts on Gamer And Toy Enterprise to My Account?

The answer is NO. We are selling Starter Resource Account. Meaning, it’s a fresh account for anyone want a fresh start. There are no functions in any of games we selling that can be traded or transfer. Please do your research before buying.

Are these accounts legit & safe?

100% legit & safe without a single fraud. There is no Hacked/Dupe/Exploit/Cheap Top Up within Gamer And Toy Enterprise Accounts. Gamer And Toy Enterprise's mission is to provide an astounding mobile game experience for gamers. All accounts have been tested and proven to be legit & safe with over 700+ successful transactions since 2020.

Is there risk of ban?

Account Selling / Trading / Transferring / Rerolled had no issues so far and 100% safe with in every Mobile Game. There is no ban in Rerolled Accounts. Interfering Game File like Hacked/Duped/Cheap Currency Purchase will get you banned. If the developer decided not allowing Rerolled Accounts, there is nothing we can do. we won't take responsibility if Developers decide to enforce their rules at any time.

What is the step procedure of purchase?

For Character Selective Starter Accounts, choose your favourite game. Select the combination you want and search for it. If it is available, it will appear with a Game ID contains images of Character/Units represent what inside that Game ID. Take a screenshot of that Game ID or copy the Game ID Account number and message us via Discord: bola#8511. We will quote a price relate to the product. After the purchase, your game starter account will be sent via your email or discord.

What is the currency on Gamer And Toy Enterprise?

All the account / product / service will be based on USD currency

How do I secure the account I bought?

All the game accounts are login by guest sign-in. It can be link to your own gmail / FB / or the game login account. We will guide and help buyers secure the account until the game account is successful link by their own prefer login method. Some games only contain ID and Password for transferring data account. Hence it won’t need any account linking method. All the game account can be change password after the buyer purchase.

What are the Payment Methods?

Currently Gamer And Toy Enterprise only accepts Paypal, Sent Payment Invoice to your email Inbox, Malaysia Local Bank and Cryptocurrency Coin - USDT. All the payment can be made through credit/debit bank card, googlepay or applepay.

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